I recently developed some music technology for a Sky Atlantic/Volvo featured short film about Rosie Johnson, a patient at the Royal Hospital of Neuro-Disability, London, who was a professional violin player before a car accident  left her paralyzed.

The film briefly tells the story of Rosie’s life and how a project led by the composer Prof. Eduardo Miranda gave her the ability make music again (this project was Activating Memory). In the film, Rosie is reunited with an old friend and colleague from her days in the Welsh National Orchestra and they end the film by making music together again. The film sparked a number of online and radio news stories, including  BBC news and The Telegraph.

For this project I re-designed the system I originally built for Activating Memory, and optimised it for Rosie and the violin player. It was great to be back at the hospital again, meeting Rosie, and then taking her on location to a concert hall in Kings Cross for the rest of the shoot.

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