InSight is a project that explores a neurodegenerative condition.

I developed an iOS app (nicknamed the Halluciphone device when in use) to artistically reflect a neurological condition that affects visual perception. Alexis Kirke has the visual symptoms of Palinopsia which cause exaggerated after-images. He explains they are “a little like the effect people see after staring at a bright light, but much intensified. For example sometimes a moving hand will leave a trail of after-images behind it in my vision.”

From the app came the performance of Insight by Alexis Kirke. I incorporated some sample control into the app (samples kindly supplied by none other than legendary Chicago producer, DJ Pierre) and Alexis created his own composition for his performance. Insight is a 12 minute piece for flute and live hallucinations commissioned by Peninsula Arts and premiered at PACMF2012 with Simon Deshorger on flute and Alexis using the Halluciphone app.

The Halluciphone is an audiovisual iPad device to make hallucinations visible to the audience. I worked with Alexis to produce an augmented reality application which can be made to hallucinate in ways similar to his own vision. Whatever the iPad camera is seeing can be manipulated by hand using the multi-touch screen.