A Stark Mind is an audiovisual performance where the graphic score is controlled entirely by brainwaves. Musicians on stage perform to the score as I wear a brain cap to ultimately control the music they play.

Premiered at the 11th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR), the piece was performed by myself, Pierre Largeron on violin, Esther Coovertis on Viola, and Weiwei Jin on percussion.

The piece was also selected for performance at the 2016 Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival.

A Stark Mind uses a brain-computer music interface (BCMI) to conduct a visual score that is projected on screen for the musicians to follow. The hyrbid-BCMI performer uses a combination of three brainwave control methods to direct and arrange the graphical score, controlling the musicians. The abstract score acts as visual cues to the musicians directing their playing styles and interaction with each other throughout the performance. The hybrid-BCMI uses visual gazing for SSVEP control, simultaneous two way motor imagery control and emotion detection to generate and control the score.

The piece is the subject of a paper available here:

The video below shows a performance of A Stark Mind in The House, Plymouth, June 2015.

A Stark Mind – live performance 15/6/15 from joel eaton on Vimeo.

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