I work at the intersection of technology, creativity, and learning.

I have over 18 years of experience working in learning and research consultancy, interactive technology development, and education leadership.

After beginning my career in academia, I currently work in the tech industry, leading training products, teams, and services for world-leading companies that have  included Arm, Unity, and Amazon.

I also provide freelance consultation and development work for a range of organisations. I have delivered projects for Volvo, Barclays Wealth, The National Library of Scotland, and Smirnoff. I have managed undergraduate programs, designed and built bio-engineering systems for research data collection, and I have worked for government funding bodies as an advisor and consultant to the Higher Education sector.

I have a doctorate in Brain-Computer Music Interfacing, a form of neuro-technology, from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research, University of Plymouth UK.

I am also a reviewer for BCI journal, the Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research conference and the Leonardo Music Journal (who, in 2020 recognised me as an outstanding peer-reviewer). I also chaired the 1st International Workshop on Brain-Computer Music Interfacing and CMMR 2015.


Quote from a participant in an interactive learning event I designed and delivered for Learning on Screen:

“This was one of the most engaging courses I’ve attended. Excellent speaker (knowledgeable), and not laboured on any points. The course was both interesting and informative.”

I am occasionally available to hire for projects, so feel free to contact me.

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