Ramp up/ramp down XFADE control. Value (from bottom num box) sent to amplitude fader for chord 1, chord 2 fader is the inverse. Fade time is default at 8 secs but comes in from separate fader. T B B  sends bang for XFADE value, i.e. 1 or 0, and sends second bang to get XFADE speed time which is sent to right hand inlet of line. Spigots acts as a gate to allow ramping values through or solid value of 1 (so just chord 1 is played) ramped from the current value (to make a smooth transition) and at the current ramping speed. TURN RAMP ON/OFF button switches the spigot and also bangs the 1 value and resets the ramping feedback loop by sending a 0 (connection not shown in this image)

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