Activating Memory is a live music performance for a brainwave quartet and a string quartet. Developed with composer Eduardo Miranda, I designed and built a brain-computer interface system to provide a new platform for users with motor disabilities to control musical instruments, and to interact and communicate with each other through music.

In 2015 the piece was performed by the Paramusical Ensemble, comprised of four patients at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability London, as part of a collaborative project to bring this new method of music control to people with paralysis and locked-in syndrome. In 2017 I built a bespoke version of the system for a documentary aired on Sky Atlantic.

Watch an overview of Activating Memory and the Paramusical Ensemble:
Paramusical Ensemble from cinema iloobia on Vimeo.

The system that underpins Activating Memory has gone through a number of iterations since our initial idea in 2013, and the piece has been performed at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2014, Music Tech Fest London 2013, and at the Mainly Mozart music festival in San Diego, 2015.

The technology behind Activating Memory was featured by BBC News in 2014, and on BBC Click later that year.

Watch a feature on BBC Click:

Click – Composing with brainwaves from joel eaton on Vimeo.

The Paramusical Ensemble were featured in a number of news articles in 2016, particularly focusing on Rosemary Johnson. See, Daily Telegraph, BBC News.

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