Creating eNewsletters with MailChimp is pretty simple if you can use one of their templates. However, if a designer gives you a layout which doesn’t fit one of the layouts it seems easier to handcode the mailout than hack around with a template. You can upload a .zip with an index.html, assets and img folder.

Things to remember:

1. Include all the reset.css info in the html header. For some reason mailchimp was not picking up the reset.

2. Forget about aligning divs next to each other/in-line (aka  Use TABLES (remember those?) wherever you can.

3. Most web clients (Gmail/Hotmail) etc ignore CSS.  This means they don’t pick-up google-fonts (although desktop clients do).  MailChimp has an option to post CSS inline (with the HTML). Always check the results when doing this as sometimes this can put the HTML out of joint and you need to put more HTML code into the CSS, such as making table properties into classes.

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