BCMI – Example. Here’s a short clip of the latest version of the BCMI in action. I’m going to edit a captioned film when I get time soon. In this clip I’m only using the top three icons. Each icon has a group of picthes assigned to it. The more I look at (or concentrate on) an icon then I play up through the pitches. If I decrease my concentration then I play back down through the pitches. With the new interface the icons also change size depending on how much I’m concentrating on them. The left icon plays a glockenspiel, the top icon plays brass, and the right icon plays guitar. The bottom icon is for controlling the backing track but doesn’t get used here. The interface is still a little bit buggy – hence the icons move a couple of times. Note that it’s the electrical information from the brain, picked up by the electrodes, that’s being used to control the music.

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