Update: The finished documentary on Activating Memory.

So for the last few months I have been plugging away at building Activating Memory, a new piece by me and my supervisor, Eduardo Miranda. The piece is for a string quartet and four brainwave subjects who select the score for the musicians in real time.

It uses the SSVEP technique for BCI control, which is something I’ve been working on and refining for the last couple of years. This is probably the last piece I’m going to do that uses the SSVEP technique as I want to move on to new things involving brainwaves and music (more about that soon!).

After some major battles with the hardware, some expensive calls to Austria, battling with laptops installed by a University IT department (if you’ve dealt with this before you’ll know what I mean!), tweaking designs for musicians and one rehearsal later everything is looking good. A bit more work is needed before the première at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival in Feb 2014, but you can see for yourself in the video below. Here is an overview of the system and some footage of the first rehearsal with some soundbites from us, the musicians and the brainwave performers. We only used two brainwave subjects for the first rehearsal to keep things simple. Have a gander…

Activating Memory – First Experiment from ICCMR on Vimeo.